René Burri
1933 Zurich, Switzerland - 2014 Zurich, Switzerland -

Short biography
The images of Swiss Magnum photographer René Burri are unpretentious, spontaneous yet considered photographs that cut to the core of both the photographer’s eye and his subjects’ identity. Unlike the 'method' of his friend Henri Cartier-Bresson, Burri does not wait for the specific, right moment to take a picture but instead gives an account of the events occurring in front of his camera in the form of a series of photographs. Many people he portrayed where part of his circle of friends. Artists like Giacometti, Picasso and Le Corbusier allowed him to take highly spontaneous pictures while they were at work or visiting Burri's studio.

To the general public Burri is primarily known for the famous portrait he made of Che Guevara back in 1963. The photograph showing a relaxed Guevara with a big cigar in the right-hand corner of his mouth became popular throughout the world. It made Burri instantly famous. Nowadays, René Burri is one of the few living icons, who contributed to the raise and fame of the prestigious Magnum photo agency.

Recent exhibitions
Kunsthal Rotterdam, Kunsthaus Wien, Flo Peters Gallery Hamburg, Galerie Esther Woerdehoff Paris, C/O Berlin, MEP Maison Européene de la Photographie Paris.

Top auction result
$ 24.278

Average auction results
$ 2.500 - $ 8.000

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