Stephan Lupino
1952, Varazdin, Croatia

Short biography
Stephan Lupino (born Ivan Lepen) is a multi talented artist, but first a well respected and internationally renowned photographer. Besides that he has his own lingerie line and he designs furniture. Nowadays he lives in Croatia again, where he is working for Playboy and other magazines (fashion and nudes). His humanitarian photo projects includes a series of children with the syndrom of Down and of Sarajevo, the Bosnian city that suffered so much during the Balkan war.

Before returning to Croatia, Lupino pioneered in photography in New York. This early work is -in contrast with his modern photo’s- very unpolished. His 1988 book “The World. 254 E 2nd Street N.Y. City refers to the street where from 1983 to 1987 the notorious Culture Club “Area” was located. The club was a Sodom and Gomorra for artistic and progressive Americans, and was visited by people like Andy Warhol, Allan Kaprow, Claes Oldenburg, Steven Meisel, Zoë Lund, Malcolm McLaren, Matt Dillon, Roy Liechtenstein, David Hockney, Calvin Klein and Keith Haring. Art and sex went along, also in his improvised studio in the bathroom. Lupino’s work is collected by and shown in several musea, but still a kind of ‘trouvaille’ for investors and art lovers.

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