Richard Selby
1933, London, UK

Short biography
Richard Selby graduated Cambridge University with a degree in History. He spent several years working in London at various jobs before enrolling at Westminster University to study photography. At the end of his first year he took a summer job in a New York studio and from there found a job as assistant to Art Kane, a famous editorial and advertising photographer who died in 1995 at age 69.

Two years later he started out on his own as a freelance editorial photographer in New York for magazines such as Look, Saturday Evening Post, Holiday and Venture. While on assignment for Venture he visited Munich and was invited to work for Tween magazine. Subsequently he divided his time working for magazines in New York, London, Paris, Milan and Munich. He worked for the German edition of Playboy for several years, where he did the first ever Playmate photographed and published outside the United States in 1972. In 1991 his first book of nudes Know Your Number was published in Germany. After a period of ill health following the publication, a second revised and enlarged edition of the book was published in 2001.

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