Philippe Halsman
1906, Riga, Latvia - 1979, New York, USA

Short biography
Halsman is generally recognized as one of the most influential photographers ever. His work is in collections of musea all over the world, like the Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Portrtait Gallery (London), National Heritage Museum (USA), Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen (Rotterdam), CaixaForum (Barcelona) and Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid).

Because of his Jewish background, Halsman fled to France and later the USA, helped by Albert Einstein (whom he famously photographed in 1947). In 1942 he found work with LIFE magazine, the start of a career that lead to a record of 101 cover photos. In 1941 Halsman met Dalí and they beganto collaborate. Famous photos like “Dali Atomicus”, “In Voluptas Mors”, “Dali Cyclops” and “Dali’s Mustache” were the result. In 1952 he photographed Marilyn Monroe. The cover of this LIFE magazine was the start of her career and is still a highly appreciated collectable.They also cooperated for Halsman’s Jump Bookin 1959. Other celebrities photographed by Halsman include Hitchcock, Churchill, Kennedy and Picasso.

In 1958 Halsman was listed in Popular Photography’s “World’s Ten Greatest Photographers”, and in 1975 he received the Life Achievement in Photography Award from the American Society of Magazine Photographers. He also held numerous large exhibitions worldwide.

Recent exhibitions
Laurence Miller Gallery New York, Magnum Gallery Paris, ArteF Fine Art Photography Gallery Zurich, Howard Greenberg Gallery New York.

Top auction result
$ 33.600

Average auction results
$ 1.500 - $ 10.000

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