Serge Jacques
1932, France

Short biography
At the time of his debut, a pubic hair on a picture sent the bearer of that picture to jail. Despite that risk, Serge Jacques to flesh out the text of men’s magazine of yesteryears with naked women. His works display what afterwards became the rule: young girls discarding with contempt the most elementary conventions of modesty.

Even today, when the most blatant nudity and pornography is everywhere, Jacques’ work is very subtle and the choice of his models support his educated tastes. Serge Jacques’s cuties represents the late 50s and early 60s at it’s best. Among his most famous photo’s are the nudes he made of a young Brigitte Bardot, in 1959 on Pamplone Beach in St. Tropez. It was the beginning of her career. In 1998 Taschen published the book “Serge Jacques”, followed by “Paris to Hollywood” in the 2001 Icon-series.

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