Robert Capa
1913 Budapest, Hungaria - 1954 French Indochina

Short biography
Robert Capa (born Endre Friedmann, he changed his name because of his Jewish background) was an acclaimed combat photographer who covered 5 different wars. Two of his most famous photo’s are “Falling soldier” (1936 Spain) and D-Day Landing(1944 France).

Together with Cartier-Bresson, Seymour and Rodger, Capa founded Magnum Photos in 1947. In 1937 Gerda Taro, with whom he was engaged, was killed during a battle in the Spanish Civil War. In 1945 actress Ingrid Bergman asked him to marry her, but Capa didn’t want to live in Hollywood. Their troubled romance was immortalized by their mutual friend Hitchcock in “Rear Window”. Capa was killed by stepping on a landmine during an assignment for LIFE Magazine in Vietnam. He had died with his camera in his hand.

Recent exhibitions
Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam, Ludwig Museum Budapest, FORMA Milan, Atlas Gallery London, International Centre of Photography New York, Joods Historisch Museum Amsterdam, Centro Cultural Borges Buenos Aires.

Top auction result
$ 26.400

Average auction results
$ 2.000 - $ 9.000

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